President Trump Will Survive His First Term

By Cameron Dominy

A friend of mine recently tweeted that he was sure the President would soon “resign in disgrace.” As tweets go, it won’t age well. It isn’t his fault, really, for being so fatalistic. He expects the Democratic Party to come through on the promise they’ve made continuously for the past year.

This sentiment, that President Trump is “on his way out”, has been overused by legislators, and incessantly echoed in popular media. Six House Democrats even introduced articles of impeachment. One can certainly understand why most on the Left are under the impression that Trump “resigning in disgrace” is coming soon, and inevitable.

Not only is this highly unlikely, it also isn’t particularly backed by fact. Consider these occurrences; the Mueller investigation has yet to unearth proof of collusion with the Russian Government, and appears to have shifted the focus of its search entirely. It has moved away from collusion, and towards perjury.

Robert Mueller indicted Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI, and still cannot establish an original crime to underlie the fib itself. In other words, the chances of indictments going all the way to the top are slim, and getting slimmer by the day.

Trump, surprisingly, has developed a calm line of response to the Mueller probe, saying
multiple times in the last few weeks that he will decidedly not fire the Special Counsel. The President’s unexpected steadiness indicates his thoughts on the matter; the investigation doesn’t have evidence, and they won’t find any.

Democrats were unwise to make a promise that has only rarely been delivered upon in the history of American politics. They will be less wise to continue pushing the issue as Trump’s term plods along. When the President’s bar for success is set to “staying in office”, it requires very few legislative victories to energize his base. The Democrats may also alienate their own base with a continued, undelivered promise.

A second term of Trump could be decided on by the Left’s willingness to recognize the legitimacy of the first term.

Cameron Dominy is a Masters Student at Cevro Institute in Prague, Czech Republic. Follow him on twitter @camdom7

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