Illegal Immigration Has Risen to Obama Administration Levels

By Jeffrey Charles


Despite the progress the Trump administration has made when it comes to decreasing illegal immigration, it appears the rate at which undocumented immigrants are entering the country have recently increased.

Earlier this year, the United States saw a marked decrease in illegal immigration. The decrease was largely a result of President Trump allowing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and other agencies to do their jobs. However, The Washington Times recently reported that illegal immigration is once again on the rise.

This increase demonstrates that the Trump administration will need to do more to curb illegal immigration if they want to have a lasting impact. If we fail to protect our borders, we could be putting American lives in danger.

Illegal Immigration Is On The Rise Again

In November, law enforcement arrested nearly 40,000 individuals attempting to cross the border illegally. This represents a 12% increase from October and almost double the number apprehended in March and April.

The authorities have also reported that there was a 45% increase in the number of families crossing the border together. Additionally, they state that there was a 26% increase in unaccompanied minors trying to enter the country without their parents.

In addition to the increase in detentions, law enforcement has stated that there was a 45% increase in the number of families traveling together. Moreover, they saw a 26% increase in unaccompanied minors attempting to enter the country without their parents.

The Rise Of MS-13

Contrary to the president’s comments when he began his campaign, the majority of illegal immigrants are not murderers, rapists, and thieves. While they are breaking the law, most of these individuals do not come to the United States to engage in criminal activity — they are here seeking a better life. This does not justify breaking the U.S.’s immigration laws, and the government must do more to stem the flow of illegal immigrants coming into the country.

However, it is the ones who do not have innocent intentions that we must be wary of. A significant number of illegal immigrants are bringing their criminal activities with them.

One of the most dangerous threats to Americans is MS-13, a particularly brutal El Salvadoran street gang. The organization has quickly gained a reputation as one of the most ruthlessly violent gangs in the nation and it is made up primarily of undocumented immigrants. The fact that a large percentage of the gang are represented by unaccompanied minors shows that the 26% increase is a serious cause for concern.

MS-13 is known for its savage attacks on its enemies and members of the community. In Spring of this year, ten MS-13 members murdered a man in a Maryland park by stabbing him over 100 times. That isn’t the worst of it. They beheaded and dismembered the victim’s body and removed his heart for good measure. This murder is not an isolated incident — it is their normal way of killing their enemies.

The Threat Of Radical Islamic Terrorism

MS-13 is not the only reason why illegal immigration is dangerous for Americans. Our intelligence agencies have found that radical Islamic terrorist groups intend to infiltrate the United States from our southern border. Before General John Kelly became President Trump’s chief of staff, he issued a dire warning while testifying before a Senate panel in 2015. In a written testimony, he indicated that “foreign nationals from countries like Somalia, Bangladesh, Lebanon, and Pakistan are using the region’s human smuggling networks to enter the United States.” He added, “While many are merely seeking economic opportunity or fleeing war, a small subset could potentially be seeking to do us harm.”

Representative Robert Pittenger (R-NC) recently issued a statement in a press release stating that terrorist groups like the Islamic State (ISIS) and Hezbollah are collaborating with drug cartels in Latin America to fund their operations overseas. However, their alliance with these drug smuggling organizations might provide radical extremists with an easier way to gain entry into the United States. We only need to look at the many terrorist attacks that have been perpetrated in Europe to understand the potential impact this could have on the American public.

The U.S. Needs To Do More To Curb Illegal Immigration

Protecting our borders needs to be one of our government’s top priorities. It isn’t just about preventing people from breaking the law; it is also about keeping people safe.

Hopefully, the Trump administration will be able to implement more policies that can help our law enforcement agencies do their jobs. If we take greater measures to keep violent criminals out of the country while encouraging immigrants to come into the United States legally, we will have more control over our border and ensure the safety of our society.


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