A Return to the Divide

By Bob Knudsen

Hello friends, it has been some time since anything has been published to this site. I got married, got busy with life, the universe, and everything, and then the ‘Rona hit and 2020 happened and, well, you were there.


Anywho, I am looking to start blogging here again and am looking for some feedback as to what type of content would be of interest to my audience. The original goal was to try to provide political content from multiple voices and perspectives, but since it appears I will be doing the bulk of content creation for the immediate future, I can really only offer one perspective. Unless someone wants to write for me for free in which case, send it on over!

I would still like to make this a platform for constructive discussion between differing viewpoints, but I am open to hearing what would be welcomed by you, my loyal and occasionally disloyal Dividers. Like, comment, subscribe, etc etc, but most of all give some feedback.

See you soon!

Good thing I'm wearing a hat!
Seriously, it can’t be overstated how much hammock time Bob has logged

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