Our Mission

Much has been made of the growing division within the United States lately, and with the 2016 election being particularly rancorous the division seems to be at historic levels. The divisions grow along many lines — religious, political, sex and gender, age, and geographic. Perhaps the starkest division is the latter — between those who live in the large urban centers, especially on the coasts, and those who live in smaller towns and rural areas.

At the Rural Urban Divide, we are hoping to present views fairly from many sides of each issue, with a special emphasis on fostering healthy debate and education rather than vitriol and demonization. We have a diverse group who hail from places ranging from rural Colorado to New York City. We hope to present ideas in a manner that will help those who disagree with them to understand why those beliefs are held.

That isn’t to say we are in the business of trying to convince anybody that a particular worldview is inherently better than another — what works for some may not work for others. But while it isn’t our mission statement to change minds, our individual contributors will be empowered to state their views and opinions in whatever manner they deem useful, which may include arguing persuasively and trying to win people over to their own pet cause.

So sit back, enjoy the material, and feel free to join in the conversation as you see fit — but please make sure to do so in a respectful manner, bullying, trolling, and general jackassery will not be tolerated.

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