How Trump Lost the Transgender Military Issue

By Allen Watson Through a series of tweets in July, Donald Trump surprised many, including his military leaders, by announcing a ban on transgender people in the military. He was met with immediate backlash, and not just for the way he announced the policy shift. By overturning Obama’s 2016 policy, Trump sent a powerful signal... Continue Reading →

Friends Across the Aisle: Part 2

This is part 2 of a multipart series about cross-political friendships. For part one, click here By: Ellison Wade James voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012. In 2016, he voted for Trump. How does he make the leap? James attributes his liberal past to an innate desire toward rebellion against his rural, blue collar... Continue Reading →

Friends Across the Aisle (Part 1)

By Ellison Wade This is part one of a series on holding friendships across party lines. Check back in the coming weeks for future installments What I expected to learn from such an experience, I’m unsure. But there I was, providing him a platform. Hoping I suppose, naïve romantic that I am, he’d hear himself... Continue Reading →

On Bipartisanship and A Good Porter

By Ellison Wade Western North Carolina isn’t a place many would search for reasonable debate on the widening partisan divide affecting our country. In general, people out here have pretty much made up their minds. This is Trump territory. Growing up in a family of Democrats, I’ve gotten used to being the nagging blue voice... Continue Reading →

Puerto Rico wrestles with statehood once more

When discussing politics in the United States, the conversation is usually relegated to a handful of swing states and heavily populated areas. The smaller states get to have their say as well, via representatives in the House and Senate and by throwing their electoral college votes behind the candidate of their choice. But there are... Continue Reading →

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