Delaware uses cooperation to bridge ideological gaps

When most Americans think of Delaware -- if they ever do -- it’s mostly as the place where corporations register, thanks to the state’s business-friendly regulations. In fact, corporations outnumber residents in the state -- well over a million companies are registered here, compared with a population of a little more than 950,000. But there’s... Continue Reading →

Personal essay: Bob Knudsen talks about Rural Urban Divide, moving from Denver to New York

Those who know me may think me an unlikely candidate for such an undertaking. I grew up in a very religious and conservative household, and was a Republican for my early adult life. However, my views on some issues, especially social issues and foreign policy, changed over the years, and I found myself more and more drifting away from the two major parties. I now vote third party in most elections, primarily Libertarian, though I do occasionally vote for both Democrats and Republicans on a case-by-case basis.

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