Personal essay: Bob Knudsen talks about Rural Urban Divide, moving from Denver to New York

Those who know me may think me an unlikely candidate for such an undertaking. I grew up in a very religious and conservative household, and was a Republican for my early adult life. However, my views on some issues, especially social issues and foreign policy, changed over the years, and I found myself more and more drifting away from the two major parties. I now vote third party in most elections, primarily Libertarian, though I do occasionally vote for both Democrats and Republicans on a case-by-case basis.

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Jackson, Mississippi has never fully recovered from the Civil War

Jackson, Mississippi has a long and storied history. Having had its beginnings in the aggressive conquering of the Choctaw people of the region and subsequent treaty violations and violent removal of its people, it was built on the backs of slave labor. Named for Andrew Jackson prior to his presidency, the city’s beginnings were anything... Continue Reading →


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